We offer the best available price/quality ratio by designing strategies according to your specifications. Through direct sourcing of difficult to find specialty foods and ingredients, we can help your company develop a distinctive product selection that stands out in a crowded industry.

Our philosophy is built on integrity: through honest communication, reliable service, and high-quality products, we believe the strength of our relationships with producers and customers alike will create sustained success for all.

Founded by Andrew E. Weiss and Miguel Rubio de Urquia, Blue Planet Foods has over sixty years experience in sourcing and marketing diverse products and ingredients from around the world. Our knowledge allows us to provide customers with an awareness of true market conditions and the benefit of direct relations with some of the world's most innovative producers.

During our careers we have developed highly profitable programs for our respective companies and established a unique background enabling us to expand client profitability while overcoming the obstacles of direct international trade.

We aggressively pursue the goals of our clients and find original ways to make them successful while maintaining our professional reputation, acknowledged throughout the industry as beyond reproach.

Blue Planet Foods was founded in October 2000. We are in no way related to or affiliated with the division of McKee Foods that changed their name to Blue Planet Foods, Inc. in 2004, to the confusion of many of our mutual customers.



USA: 630.428.2210

Spain: 34.91.369.1660

Head office

Naperville, IL 60565 USA

Madrid Office

Casado del Alisal 7, 1˚B

28014 - Madrid, SPAIN