We offer the most efficient and cost effective shipping solutions for a vast selection of products. Our wide range of packaging allows us to offer diverse products to the food service industry, retail distributors, and food manufacturers. Shipments can be arranged in full containers, mixed containers or less then container loads. Locally available inventories are also available under our customer's private brands or under our own labels.

With offices in the United States and Europe, we control shipments from the source to the customer, doing everything possible to prevent problems before they arise and solve them swiftly when they do. 

In addition to the products we already import, we offer consulting and marketing services to companies wishing to enter the international food markets and can assist in setting up in-house services.

  • Olives (click to visit Donostia Foods to learn more about our manzanilla and queen olives, available for order online)

  • Fruits

  • Olive Oil (click to visit Donostia Foods for our extra virgin olive oil from 100% picuda olives, available for order online)

  • Anchovies (click to visit Donostia Foods to learn more about our top-quality Cantabrian anchovy fillets, available for order online)

  • Pacific Rim Specialties

  • Capers and Specialties for Haute Cuisine